Our clients include numerous companies that are active in sectors where intellectual property rights play a crucial role (for example the horticultural and publishing industries). We assist these clients in all areas related to the development, acquisition, protection and exploitation of intangible rights, both in and out of court. Our activity in this area includes drafting and negotiating contracts for the sale and licensing of trademarks, patents and know-how, of franchising, merchandising, sponsorship, advertising and technology transfer agreements, as well as the protection of these rights in Court, both in ordinary and interim proceedings. Our firm also represents publishing companies and authors in out-of-court and court proceedings related to the commercial exploitation and protection of copyright. Furthermore, we assist clients with drafting contracts for commercial use and licensing of copyright. In this area, we have also developed a specific know-how in contractual issues that pertain to the development, production, co-production and distribution of audiovisual programs and animations.