We help people when they are involved in a family crisis. Dissolving a relationship (be it a marriage, a civil partnership or a cohabitation) means facing psychological, financial and legal hardships, in which children are often involved. We work closely with a network of professionals in an interdisciplinary way to help people during this difficult transition. We have developed in-depth experience in non-conflict negotiation and Collaborative Practice techniques for the management of conflicts in a way that ensures mutual respect and shared solutions, taking into account the needs of all those involved. In the same spirit, we help people solve financial issues arising from a family crisis, managing divisions and disposals of assets, equity stakes and companies. When an amicable negotiation is not possible, we assist our clients in all types of family proceedings. Protecting a family and the family’s assets includes giving assistance in deputyship and disqualification procedures for the protection of persons who are totally or partially incapacitated.