As our clients include industrial and commercial companies that are active in a wide range of business sectors, we have had the opportunity to provide advice and assistance in the drafting of commercial contracts, including those that are not typically regulated by the Italian civil code, such as franchising, exclusive distribution, agency, works and service contracts. In drafting contracts that have developed in international markets, based on models used in foreign and common law systems, our concern has always been, and is to ensure that such models are compatible with the typical instruments envisaged by Italian law, thus ensuring their full validity and consistency with the Italian legal system. In this field, we have structured transactions for national and international groups involving the sale of companies, the outsourcing of production phases, the provision of services through franchising agreements, the drafting of business agreements including reciprocal non-competition covenants, the preparation of product development plans through the establishment of networks of agents, distributors and licensees of trademarks, patents and technologies and, in this respect, by setting up business partnerships for such purposes . Our expertise spans an extremely wide and varied range of contractual models, which are based on decades of experience in assisting and advising Italian and foreign entrepreneurs. However, we believe that a good contractual model is just the starting point of our work and that each contract should be worded to take into account the specific needs of each transaction, with tailor-made clauses and agreements.