During a crisis, companies face different scenarios and the role of a professional advisor is of crucial importance. Our firm is active in the field of bankruptcy law and corporate crisis. In particular, we advise companies both in the preventive phase of analysis and identification of the most suitable legal instrument for overcoming a crisis, including through extraordinary corporate transactions, and in the judicial phase, if a company chooses to commence insolvency proceedings (arrangement with creditors, reorganization agreements and other crisis resolution instruments for over-indebted companies). We also provide advice to companies interested in purchasing goods or businesses involved in bankruptcy proceedings, by offering multidisciplinary advice in relation to the various aspects of this type of transaction (litigation, corporate, tax and employment). The type of assistance we can offer is very wide and includes procedures for filing proof of debt, objecting to the statement of affairs, complaint proceedings against the judgment declaring the state of insolvency or defence against insolvency petitions lodged by creditors or by the public prosecutor.